Bond & Beyond Dog Specialist is a personal dog training and dog walking service.
Bond & Beyond seeks to enhance the relationship between the dog and its owner, providing harmony and respect between the two.
The trainer Gui Barbara recognises that many people love dogs but have difficulty identifying their dog’s needs so that it has a balanced and happy life.
As such, Gui Barbara offers an effective training technique, such as basic obedience or behaviour modification, which will aid the dog’s progress and make it fit into the family’s lifestyle. Remembering that training with the owner is as important as training with the dog.
The idea is to make the owner understand the needs of the dog and put the training in practice in the various situations of the day, aiming at the bond between them.

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Bond & Beyond offers a variety of services:


Basic and specific obedience requirements

Private classes


Training program held at Bond & Beyond


Behaviour modification


Dog walking


Dog Taxi